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remove naming limitations
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why is there a limited number of html templates like "myskin_browser.html" or "myskin.index2.html"? Could you allow more general requests like "myskin_mysite.html"?

Background: I am building a skin which behaves a bit different to standard skins: it should be optimized for handhelds (Windows CE) and low bandwith network (e.g. bluetooth). Therefore I need to be efficient with screen realestate (240x320) and amount of data transfered. Basically I changed the templates that much that they do nothing like their name suggests, e.g. "options.html" is a hidden frame which gets the song progress and writes it into "playlist.html", which has all the controls. "browser.html" either shows the playlist or the browser.

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Of course you can use any filename for your skin!

An <skinname>_index2.html file is only needed for skin detection so you should include this file. Of course a immediate redirect to any other file in the index2.html is possible.

If you refer to some other files than index2, browser, playlist, options (only these files can be used without the skinname prefix) you need to use the full name like <a href="myskin_control.html">go to my controls</a>.
Also make sure to specify the correct html file in the Playlist/Browser tag which is used for the links (see BrowseAmp help for that).
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