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topic: Skin Selected Color  in the forum: Skins
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Subject: Skin Selected Color
Robert (who put together the very simple, yet very functional Kalas skin) - nice job.  It's perfect for what I need it for, which brings me to my question - which is a general one that many of you who are much more familiar with CSS and html could likely answer:

Where is the "selected" color defined?

What I mean is this:  currently, I am using Browseamp to control Winamp on my XP box in my room (which is wired through the stereo and out to the home audio system (well, ceiling mounted speakers in the kitchen).  Since the conrolling computer runs Windows Media Center (for which I have a remote control), I (with the help of a nifty WMC plug-in) control the functionality of Browseamp with the remote control.  Here's the reason for the question:  How can I change the color of the "selected link" (which is currently a yellowish) to something that will stand out more so I can see it better from across the room?
I assume the color is some sort of "default" - but can anyone point me to where I can change it?
topic: Hotkeys?  in the forum: Features request
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Subject: Hotkeys?
First off, thanks for a great tool to control Winamp remotely - very nice work.

I have two ideas, that are somewhat related:
I'm not even sure if this is possible, but it would be nice to have the interface (on the "controlling" end) be able to respond to hotkeys (i.e. "B" for next, etc. - like Winamp does)

The 2nd is to have the interface respond to an IR remote - currently I have Winamp set up to use Windows Media Center remote commands via a plug-in (which simply just interprets the remote commands as hotkeys)  The same functionality for the Browseamp interface would be very cool.

Thanks again.
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