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Good Afternoon,
    I've recently begun using Browseamp in a production environment.   I've got Winamp running as a background service playing music out of a server into my phone system for music on hold.  I've had the same issue with the repeat option.  Previously (BA v2.x) the choices were only repeat song and off.  I've recently downloaded and installed v 3.x (most recent) and found that from within the web gui the only two available settings were still (repeat) off and song.
            That being said, I'm able to access the gui of Winamp (even though it's running as a service) and toggle the 'repeat all' setting on winamp itself.  Then when I return to the Browseamp GUI and take a look at the repeat button, there is a picture place holder where the button should be, but as if there is no image associated with that specific setting (button).  I am in the process of testing the repeat-all function, I have to wait for my playlist to cycle through, but I wanted to let you know that there may still be an issue with that particular option/function.
    Aside from that, this little plugin is awesome.  I have to give you props on the time and effort you seem to have put into creating it.  I've even written a review on
        Thank you,

P.S.  Another little suggestion, adding a 'Ramdomize Playlist' function/option would be handy to have.
        Thanks again!!  :-D
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