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Subject: Path Display
I'm using this nice new version in Opera, for the simple reason that this browser will remember its screen location, size, its scroll-point and setting the hompage to the BrowseAmp server gives me - when I open the browser - just a narrow band at the bottom of my screen to monitor what is currently playing. Opening the browser just for this purpose then requires no other action, it opens anew in its preferred position, size, etc. I use Firefox for internetting, so Opera is reserved for displaying what is currently playiong on my dedicated music machine over the LAN.

The only drawbnack is that it displays the entire path of the current tune, i.e.,
M:\music\jazz\ piano\bill evans\milestone\Bill Evans - You're Gonna Hear from Me 07.mp3 (05:03)

This is rather longer than it need be, and begs the question whether it is possible to have only the actual file-name displayed, in this case,
Bill Evans - You're Gonna Hear from Me 07.mp3 (05:03)

I see no setting in the server to change this display characteristic, but maybe someone can devise a tweak.

best regards,
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